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Packaging and Cases

Water based adhesives and spraying technology for Packaging and cases manufacturing

Description / Nature of the product:
Water based adhesive

Application by:
Spray gun, roller machine

Water based adhesive ideal for coupling leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers, cardboards. Ideal for gluing PVC, EVA, nylon and ready made rubbers. Ideal for gluing greasy leather with presence of grease up to 15%.

Instructions for use:
Apply ECOSTICK® 1816TX on both sides. Let it dry. To work without preheating the adhesive, couple both sides within 20 minutes after drying and press. Otherwise, if this time is exceeded, reactivate at a70°-75°, couple and press. The adhesive can be applied on one side to couple leather with textiles, moltoprene, foam rubber: apply plenty of ECOSTICK® 1816TX on leather or on material not so absorbing and couple immediately.

Open time:
Cold bonding: up to 20 min. after the adhesive is dried. Reactivation by heating: within 48 hours.

Remarks for use:
If the open time is slightly exceeded (more than 30 min.), it is possible to reactivate the substrate of the adhesive through a reactivation method (film surface temperature at about a 60°-70°). The final strength is reached after about 4 days.


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