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Meet the Leadership

Intercom-SKICORP leadership is composed of highly qualified leaders, with decades of experience and the right mix of skills to drive the company to constant growth and bring immense value for the stakeholders.

Senior Group President
Chief Executive Officer
Sumit Kumar Goenka
Chief Financial Officer
Gopal Goenka
Vice President - Finance & Accounts
Mahbubur Rahman
Vice President - Business Development
R Sunderrajan
Vice President - Business Development
Radhika Raman Srivastwa
Assistant Vice President - Marketing & Branding
Chiranjit Dolui
Senior Manager-Commercials
Krishnendu Chandra
Senior Manager - Production & Operations
Vikash Kanodia
Senior Manager - Business development
Pallavi Dhadhania Agarwal
Company Secretary
Sony Jain
Company Secretary
Baisakhi Ray Basak
Manager - Marketing & Branding
Chirantan Rakshit
Manager - Production & Operations
E. Prabagaran
Manager - Business development
Mokshed Hossain
Manager- Finance & Accounts
Moumita Basu
Manager - Finance & Accounts
Mrinal Das
Manager - Service & Support
Sazzad Shorwar
Manager - Business Development
Brahma Behari Chatterjee
Assistant Manager- Finance & Accounts
Joydip Barick
Assistant Manger - Productions & Operations
Prasenjit Chakraborty
Assistant Manager - Service & Support
Suranjit Chatterjee
Assistant Manager- Administration
Ibadul Hossain
Senior Engineer - Service & Support
Neelam Singh
Senior Executive - Finance & Accounts - Operations
Ratul Zabed
Senior Executive - Business Development
Sreeja Sarkar
Senior Executive - Compliances - Direct Taxation
Suman Sengupta
Senior Executive - Finance & Accounts - Bookings & Payments
Vidhan Chand Ray
Senior Executive- Finance & Accounts
Arabinda Mondal
Executive- Production & Operations
Debosmita Ghosh
Executive - Customer Success Specialist
Sampita Kar
Executive -Customer Success Specialist
Guna A.
Engineer - Service & Support
Jharna Bhowmick
Executive - Marketing & Branding
Pradipta Mitra
Executive - Administration
Sujoy Das
Executive - Marketing & Branding


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