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Spray gun with lever, nozzle 1,2 mm

to glue leather and fabrics

Item description: G6.110

Spray gun with lever for the spray system S8, with 1,2mm nozzle, for spraying from 3 up to 50 mm.


Capacity m3/h: Volt: Prevalence: Hertz:
Watt: Bar exercise: 6 Decibel (dB): Ampere:
Air lt/min: 30 Effective width cm: Usable depth cm: Average consumption:
Gross Weight kg: .195 Tare Kg: .010 Length mt: 0.16 Height mt: 0.03
Net Weight kg: .185 mt Width: 0.05 Volume m3: 0


For Mattresses


For Tiles

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