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Packaging and Cases

Water based adhesives and spraying technology for Packaging and cases manufacturing

Item description: I048.2G

Spraying system with two guns, created to extend the advantages of using water based adhesives also during the assembling phases where highest precision is requested.

The system is designed to allow two users to work simultaneously using the same container.

The ergonomics of the new handle together with the precision of the jet of our guns, allow an easy and prompt use of the applicator and make it a very efficacious alternative to the brush.

The spraying gun can perform spraying from a minimum of 3mm up to a maximum jet cone shape of 50 mm and it is fed by a 10 lt stainless steel tank treated with Teflon.

All the spray gun functions can be adjusted: quantity of adhesive, width of jet and quality of distribution.

Combined with the vacuum benches it allows to reduce the application times while guaranteeing a perfect adhesive distribution even on different thicknesses.

A jet of air immediately before and after the adhesive nebulisation keeps the nozzle constantly clean.

The absolute precision, the high versatility and the maintenance free make our spray systems suitable for many range of bondings in big and small production plants.


Capacity m3/h: Volt: Prevalence: Hertz:
Watt: Bar exercise: 6 Decibel (dB): Ampere:
Air lt/min: 30 Effective width cm: Usable depth cm: Average consumption:
Gross Weight kg: 14.000 Tare Kg: .000 Length mt: 0.27 Height mt: 0.67
Net Weight kg: 14.000 mt Width: 0.27 Volume m3: 0.048843


For Mattresses


For Tiles

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