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I198 - Bench B1

Suction bench for spray bonding

Item description: I198

The machine is composed by:

- Bench entirely closed, equipped with powerful aspiration motor which guarantee a constant intake and the total absence of fine particles of adhesive around the machine.
The new structure of the bench is designed in order to optimize the aspiration capacity of the motor.
It is also possible to add a second aspirator.

- Spray gun G9 designed for large areas bonding. In particular it is possible to spray the glue from a minimum of 15 mm up to a maximum of 200 mm.

- Stainless steel tank 10 lt. capacity treated with non-stick Teflon.

The bench is provided with a neon overhead light.

Its structure is conceived in a way that it will be possible, later on, to install the automatic moving and drying parts introduced with Step.

In this way also small companies can afford an investment to optimize the bonding phases without losing the previous investment.

The spray gun is held up by an equalizer for making it easy to handle.

It can be set going manually by pressing a lever or through a pedal so to leave the operator's hands free.

The operator, after starting the machine, can place the materials on the working plane so to make maximum use of the intake on the working plane for both keeping the materials standing and absorbing the nebulized adhesive.

All the spray gun functions can be adjusted: quantity of adhesive, width of jet and quality of distribution even on different thicknesses.

For a proper functioning of the vacuum bench it is recommended to replace the filter each time is visibly dirty or when the vacuum bench is not intaking properly.

To speed up the working process it is possible to use some nets in order to reduce the idle time due to loading and unloading the pieces on the working area.

A jet of air immediately before and after the adhesive nebulization keeps the nozzle constantly clean.

Our systems are maintenance free.

The tank is conceived in a way that allow the use of the adhesive in bag in box avoiding to make dirty the tank and to filter the glue thus preventing the contact with air which can alter its properties.


Capacity m3/h: 3050 Volt: 400 Vac Prevalence: 53 Hertz: 50
Watt: 1100 Bar exercise: 7 Decibel (dB): 79 Ampere: 2,8
Air lt/min: 180-200 Effective width cm: 150 Usable depth cm: 70 Average consumption: 1100
Gross Weight kg: 300.000 Tare Kg: .000 Length mt: 0.96 Height mt: 1.98
Net Weight kg: 300.000 mt Width: 1.78 Volume m3: 3.383424


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