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Intercom is a single component glue that bonds to items such as foam, fiber, fabric, non-woven and wood in seconds.

Intercom offers the speed, quality, and flexibility you need to maximize your efficiency and profitability. Whether your production process is line or cell, Intercom can offer the speed you need so you can keep generating more profit from every step of the process.

Intercom makes it easy to build a better customer experience. Whether you’re starting small or migrating from an outdated method, we have the tools and experts you need to make every interaction meaningful.

Who can use it?

  • residential

  • Contract Furniture industries.

  • Line Production

  • Cell Productions

Applications & Surfaces

  • Foam

  • Fiber

  • Fabric

  • Non-Woven

  • wood

  • plastic


For Footwear, Bags, Accessories, etc


For Tiles

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