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Manual systems

Our innovative spraying systems are ideally combined with our adhesives to provide our customers with an integrated system for their production needs: the Ecostick® adhesives have been constantly tested with our systems, so the possibility to have any production issues is totally eliminated.

Our spraying systems make use of vacuum benches, which have been specially designed for the collection of the glue vapour during spraying.

They have a suction system, operating under the working bench and on the sides as well.

While assembling big items such as bags, belts, shoulder belts, albums, etc. it is possible to pair off modules and adjust their height, doubling the working surface to meet the producers’ requirements. All our benches are equipped with very silent aspirator motors and wheels to enable their displacement in the factory.

The modular structure of the system allows us to produce every machine according to the requirements of the customers.

Absolute precision, high versatility and total absence of maintenance make our Intercom technology essential and explain the big success it has gained on the market. Intercom’s success is due to the fact that its sophisticated spraying systems are manufactured for the exclusive use with its Ecostick® adhesives.

Combining our working experience with our technical knowhow gained in this field for more than 20 years, we can guarantee full technical support for each stage of working procedure because we are responsible for checking and handling both spraying systems and adhesives.


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