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Water based adhesives and spraying
technology for the production of Uppers

In the manufacture of uppers, our spray systems prove to be exceptionally efficient and up-to-date.

Our adhesives are clean and do not stiffen the leather or interfere with the stitching.

The excellent adhesive characteristics allow to obtain a perfect hold both on leather and synthetics.

The quick drying, the long open time and the compatibility with traditional adhesives (latex, neoprene, natural rubber) mean that our products can be easily used during different production phases, without any of the problems often linked to the introduction of new technology.

Our solutions are highly effective in all working phases: coupling, folding, zip application, and the sealing of lining and upper.

The spray system S8 cuts down application time while guaranteeing a perfect distribution of the product, even on different thicknesses.

Absolutely precise, highly versatile and completely maintenance-free, this new indispensable technology has earned enormous success.


Our systems can easily be used in many other production phases such as preparation of soles, covering of heels, assembling of upper on insole, piecing of welts and PVC injection.


For Mattresses


For Tiles

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